The evolution of gadgets like smart phones and tablets have immensely brought lot of changes and this transformation has even affected the field of website designing. Responsive website design, the new staple of web designing, has been introduced with respect to this matter, in creating user friendly websites which would be combat-able and “comfortably-work” on multiple platforms. And what more do you expect? It eliminates the need of zooming and restructuring for viewing the web contents, which was the main issue in concern of the corporate companies when the internet technologies was incorporated in the gadgets.
But do these modern concepts affect SEO, one of the most essential tools for internet marketing? Let’s look onto the SEO benefits of responsive web design:

Responsive website designs are the utmost friends of the search engine giant, Google:

We know how Google plays an important role in increasing the page rankings of our website. If responsive sites are the companions of Google, then we are going to be benefited with increased ratings. Moreover, these sites have a common url and links with respect to the desktop websites and separate ones need not be created by the expert web designers. Google find it easier to crawl through the contents, HTML links and other links compared to the desktop counterparts.

The benefits of responsive website “benefits” SEO:

Though the mobile versions have its own pros of scrolling and viewing the contents of the site without putting more strain on your index finger, responsive web designs are more preferred, as per the statistics report. The most common issue is searching for the site’s authority which has to be found from scratch. In other case, if you possess a single URL, the authority would be confirmed without getting worried. Moreover, the website and its corresponding links would be directed to a single domain and this would automatically enhance the focus of your SEO.

High bounce rate:

You might have yourself witnessed that many sites would contain contents which would not be informational or referring it as “junk” would be appropriate; in this case you would immediately go for the “back button”. This process is known as bounce rate and creating independent sites for multiple platforms suffers this problem to a high level. Responsive Website Design comes as a savior for the complete elimination of this problem.
Sharing informative websites enhances the user experience: The increased ratings of the Responsive Website Design websites itself suggests how it enhances user experience. Moreover, friends or companions can share and view information simultaneously on desktop as well as gadget.